Monday, October 14, 2013


Hey Family!
So its the first day of Transfer 6 for this little missionary. Aaaaaaaaand I´m in Barrio 1 back in Madrid again! My new companion´s name is Hna Olsen. I´ve hung out with this hermana a couple times on pdays before, I really like her and I´m really excited to work with her. I´m like dead on the inside from having to leave Torrejon...... but hey its what the Lord wanted. They white washed our area. Hna Bellota is going to Guadalajara with Hna Soto. (Who is on her last transfer!!!!! Crazy!). There´s just been a lot of movement this transfer. Olsen and I are whitewashing B1. The companionship that was here got sent up to open Vallodolid in the north. And they left us a ton of work. We have 2 baptisms this week! And 2 more on fecha. So things are about to get all sorts of crazy. We´re emailng super quick and then I have to go back to the Alcala piso and have a nice little meeting with the Hermana thats coming down from the north to whitewash Torrejon. I have to make sure I´m leaving my favorite place in good hands you know? And run like crazy back here and sort out all the stuff we have to do. Crazy crazy but hey, thats mission life. 
This week was kind of a blur. We had an activity at the church for Dia De La Hispanidad. And it was awesome. Colombia was not represented though which bummed me out because I miss Colombian food but I´m good on the Ecuadorian food hahaha also everyone was expecting Elder Weixler and I to cook something American but we dodged out of it... oops. But it was a good time, we had an investigator come and enjoy himself so it was a very good night. Oh! On Saturday night we went to my favorite member´s Jhonny and Alba´s to wait for transfers and Hna Bellota guided me in cooking the meal. Yes I made chicken! Hahaha I was so proud of myself! We made some kind of rice called... cholafan.... i am definitely not spelling that right. but it was good! On Sunday we had to say goodbye to all the members, they made us go up and bear our testimonies and I thanked the ward for being so good. Honestly, Torrejon is the best ward in Spain. No offense to any of the other places but my heart will always be in Torrejon. And a little in Alcala. I´m just a little in love with all of the areas I´ve left behind. Heres to number 4! I was very sad to leave, but I was good about not crying until I was in my bed and under my covers. Haha I´m just really going to miss Torrejon. Mom, if you come pick me up I am definitely taking you to Torrejon. Well everywhere but definitely Torrejon. 
I hope I can make you proud Mom and Dad. Thanks for always writing me good things and being so good to me. I miss you guys a lot. I love you guys! I´m sending Amelia a lot of pictures ok so be ready for that :) have a good week. 
Hna Palomino

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