Monday, January 13, 2014


Hey Family! 
This week was pretty good. We met with a lot of people for 2nd and 3rd lessons which we were struggling with last transfer so we are very excited. Now I feel like the challenge is getting everyone to church. We are trying hard and doing what we can. This week was probably the hardest we tried to get a lot of people to come to church. We had about 6 people that we had committed to coming but last minute they just bailed on us. But we are still trying! 
We have this one investigator. Rosmari. She´s super cool. We found her through the area book. The hermanas first found her in 2007 and taught her like twice and then never came back because schedules just didn´t work out or whatever. But we called her up and she was super excited to meet with us. She didn´t really understand everything the first time the hermanas came by, it looks like. So Olsen and I have decided to just take things slow and make sure that she understands everything. And its just been driving home the point of teaching people not lessons. Because really, thats what we are here for. To help people come to Christ, even if it means going super slow with all the lessons so that they get it. But as long as they get it and understand why they have to have their own personal relationship with their Savior then I´m doing what I am supposed to. 
Also we have a new ward mission leader and he is getting work done! Its awesome. We actually have a fireside planned out with him to get the ward all stoked on missionary work for 2014 and President Jackson might even make an appearance. So good things are happening here in B1. 
hey I´m going to actually send pictures this week. Sorry I´ve been slacking. But please enjoy my adorable face. Haha I love you guys! Be good. Thanks for being so wonderful and all that. Les echo de menos! 
Hna Palomino

Monday, January 6, 2014


Hey Family!
First off, we had transfers this week. And........................... I´m starting my 3rd transfer in B1 and I´m still with Olsen. Which means... Its officially my longest area and I get to kill Hna Olsen! Hahaha i love to tell her that. She gets to spend her last transfer with the most adorable missionary ever. Me, of course. How lucky for her. Haha I was starting to get nervous this week since I´ve never had an area for this long and this last week we saw some pretty good things. Despite the fact that everyone was gone or busy with fiestas and all that, it was still good. IN fact we had an emotional breakthrough with this less active family that we visit. We decided to read The Living Christ with them and we were there bearing our testimonies and then they did and the Hermana shared a very spiritual experience she had and we just had a such good lesson. She was crying and we ended it with singing Yo Se Que Vive Mi SeƱor. And the best part, she´s been coming to church the last 3 weeks and just yesterday after the lesson we had had earlier in the week, her husband and son came too. It was such a neat experience. Also, Less spiritual but still funny experience. Remember that time that Hna Olsen and I knocked a door right in the middle of a Testigo´s lesson. It was SO awkward. But hey, at least they were super nice. But we just had to book it out of there before things got weird. haha 
Really i love my mission. I´m very grateful to be here and to have the sacred calling of preaching the restored gospel. I´m excited to see what this transfer has in store. and yes 10 months... so crazy. i can´t even believe it. 
well i miss and love you like always. its the birthday month, so i hope you guys do something fun for junior and will and carolina! one less cake without me there huh? haha but thats fine. have fun. be good. all that. ya tu sabes. 
Hna Palomino 


Hey there family!
Sorry to be on so late. Hna Olsen and I went to visit Johnny and his family in Torrejon with Hna Vouemba and Phillips that also served there (Phillips served there while i was in Alcala and well Vouemba was my comp) so it was like a nice little Torrejon reunion. It was super fun. Vouemba cooked and we just hung out and talked. It was so nice being back in Torrejon with people I love. I´m probably the weirdest missionary ever. That uses her pdays to go back to her old areas to visit members but its whatever. I love them alot. 
We had a very good week with a lot of finding. We seem to be finding a lot of people to teach but then when it comes time to have the second lesson, they just don´t follow through. But thats ok. We are still trying and working hard. 
We had a good lesson with Roger and Maria last night. We read Family: A Proclamation to the World and just read it and talked about it part by part. And it was very spiritual. We invited them to pray about a new date to get married and baptized. But not to just wait around, but to make a decision and then pray about it. So we are hoping for the best. We will continue working with them. Tengo fe que todo saldar bien! But really. 
It was so nice to talk to you on Christmas. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the packages and stuff. I guess you must love me after all. Haha But yeah! Do me a favor and tell the ward thanks so much for the sweet package and letters and emails on christmas. Just a whole big thank you and virtual hug to everyone. I seriously know the best people. So thank you!
Hna Palomino