Monday, January 13, 2014


Hey Family! 
This week was pretty good. We met with a lot of people for 2nd and 3rd lessons which we were struggling with last transfer so we are very excited. Now I feel like the challenge is getting everyone to church. We are trying hard and doing what we can. This week was probably the hardest we tried to get a lot of people to come to church. We had about 6 people that we had committed to coming but last minute they just bailed on us. But we are still trying! 
We have this one investigator. Rosmari. She´s super cool. We found her through the area book. The hermanas first found her in 2007 and taught her like twice and then never came back because schedules just didn´t work out or whatever. But we called her up and she was super excited to meet with us. She didn´t really understand everything the first time the hermanas came by, it looks like. So Olsen and I have decided to just take things slow and make sure that she understands everything. And its just been driving home the point of teaching people not lessons. Because really, thats what we are here for. To help people come to Christ, even if it means going super slow with all the lessons so that they get it. But as long as they get it and understand why they have to have their own personal relationship with their Savior then I´m doing what I am supposed to. 
Also we have a new ward mission leader and he is getting work done! Its awesome. We actually have a fireside planned out with him to get the ward all stoked on missionary work for 2014 and President Jackson might even make an appearance. So good things are happening here in B1. 
hey I´m going to actually send pictures this week. Sorry I´ve been slacking. But please enjoy my adorable face. Haha I love you guys! Be good. Thanks for being so wonderful and all that. Les echo de menos! 
Hna Palomino

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