Monday, April 21, 2014


So it was Semana Santa in Cuenca this week. Which meant a lot of processions and things but it was a good week! At first it was a bit slow. There was a lot of tourists in town and a lot of people deciding to remember that they´re Catholic and not really wanting to talk to us. But we tried our best. Hna Clay and I studied a scripture list we had of Christ´s last week so it helped keep us focused on our purpose despite the hard circumstances. And it led to a very good weekend. We found out that Marseilles, our French investigator that just recently got married in order to get baptized is moving back to France for the work season and won´t be back until December. He´s leaving May 5th. So we proposed a plan, to baptize him here before he leaves so that he can just leave a member. And he was so happy! There were actually a lot of tears of joy in that lesson. We set a plan and scheduled it with our interpreter so that we could have him ready for May 3rd. He wants us to get in contact with the ward or branch he will attend in France so that he knows where to go and wants missionaries to talk to there. So we have a plan in motion and hope that everything works out! A little miracle for Cuenca. 
We also met with a woman this week that we had contacted about a month ago. She works in one of the pueblos outside of Cuenca and only comes every 2 weeks or so. Out of the blue we decided to call her again and she happened to be in town so we had a lesson with her on Friday and gave her a Book of Mormon. We had a lesson the next day too, this time she brought her son too and had read and everything. Two very prepared people! They even came to church the next day and the branch just loved on them. It was so wonderful. The only down part is that she won´t be back for another 3 weeks. But we are going to meet with her son in between then. We are very excited! Good things in Cuenca. We are working and we are happy!
Hna Palomino


Hey Family!
This week has been one of those HOLY COW MISSION MIRACLES week. I don´t even know where to begin. First off, we have put into effect our plan for teaching the branch members out of Preach My Gospel and setting goals with people on what to study and how to put things into effect. We are expecting good results from that. One of the recent converts that wants to serve a mission is now currently teaching US the lessons so that we can help her learn how to teach essentially. A couple of the investigators we had previously found that disappeared for a little bit have met with us again. The biggest miracle however was that Marcel, our french investigator that was gone for a month came back MARRIED to his MA girlfriend because he wants to get baptized. We got there and of course, he doesn´t Spanish and we don´t speak French so we´re kind of just signing to each other and then Ana walks in and gives Clay her phone to talk to her sister from Valencia who is the Relief Society President over there. So while my comp is talking to her, I notice that Marcel has a nice new ring but for some reason, mostly unbelief, I couldn´t remember if your wedding ring goes on your left or right hand. So I´m looking at Ana´s hand when Clay whispers to me... They´re married. They totally got married during their month long trip to France! IT WAS SO COOL! We were seriously so happy! The American that helps us out in the lessons is gone for Semana Santa but we are meeting together on Sunday to finish the lessons and get him on a new baptismal date. We were not expecting that but he is very serious that he wants to make things right and get baptized. We are nothing but grateful because this is all the Lord´s hand in this, we´ve done nothing. We are so excited to have a baptism in Cuenca! Possibly for the first week in May but we still have to work out details.
Its funny how after the trials, always come the blessings. If we work through them and try to be patient and do our best. That´s what Hermana Clay and I have been trying to do. Just be diligent despite the obstacles and somehow we got blessed with one of the best weeks we´ve had since we came to Cuenca. A lot of good stuff happening. I´m working, I´m happy, I´m doing my thing. I love you guys!
Hermana Palomino


Hey Family!
My thoughts are a little all over the place so I will try my best to express myself. First off, I think this was one of the most spiritually uplifting General Conferences I´ve ever seen. And now I´m looking back on some of the talks I enjoyed the most and the notes I have don´t match up. I realize the Spirit was truly teaching me things that I needed to hear from my Savior. It was a beautiful experience.  I know that I will someday look back on the trials and hardships of Cuenca and be grateful for every moment but right now I have to just endure it well. For example, this week was probably one of the worst weeks numbers wise in my mission. But Hna Clay and I talked about it and we feel really good about it. Because yes, the numbers aren´t the best but we are trying our hardest. We are being sincerely diligent and I don´t come home feeling bad, I just want to keep going. There is a lot of work to be done with this branch. I know that our job is to love and help them. We have set goals to try and help the families with their Family Home Evenings and study Preach My Gospel with them. For 2 reasons, 1 being that most of our investigators come from these families and 2 we think it would really help the spirituality of the branch. Because these people need help, especially when most of them are the only example in their families of Church members. So we are going to keep moving forward and keep trying our best here in Cuenca. So this is a happy report. We are alive and well. Haha
Hna Palomino