Monday, April 21, 2014


So it was Semana Santa in Cuenca this week. Which meant a lot of processions and things but it was a good week! At first it was a bit slow. There was a lot of tourists in town and a lot of people deciding to remember that they´re Catholic and not really wanting to talk to us. But we tried our best. Hna Clay and I studied a scripture list we had of Christ´s last week so it helped keep us focused on our purpose despite the hard circumstances. And it led to a very good weekend. We found out that Marseilles, our French investigator that just recently got married in order to get baptized is moving back to France for the work season and won´t be back until December. He´s leaving May 5th. So we proposed a plan, to baptize him here before he leaves so that he can just leave a member. And he was so happy! There were actually a lot of tears of joy in that lesson. We set a plan and scheduled it with our interpreter so that we could have him ready for May 3rd. He wants us to get in contact with the ward or branch he will attend in France so that he knows where to go and wants missionaries to talk to there. So we have a plan in motion and hope that everything works out! A little miracle for Cuenca. 
We also met with a woman this week that we had contacted about a month ago. She works in one of the pueblos outside of Cuenca and only comes every 2 weeks or so. Out of the blue we decided to call her again and she happened to be in town so we had a lesson with her on Friday and gave her a Book of Mormon. We had a lesson the next day too, this time she brought her son too and had read and everything. Two very prepared people! They even came to church the next day and the branch just loved on them. It was so wonderful. The only down part is that she won´t be back for another 3 weeks. But we are going to meet with her son in between then. We are very excited! Good things in Cuenca. We are working and we are happy!
Hna Palomino

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