Monday, May 19, 2014


Hey Family!
This week was good! Leganes is ALOT different than Cuenca. For one, its a lot bigger. We literally run from lesson to lesson so we can see everyone. Its different but in a good way. There´s a lot of good investigators here, just so prepared. I´m really grateful to be here. Hna Scattolon aren´t 100% used to each other yet but we are slowly but surely getting there. She´s a good companion. A lot of energy and willing to work hard so its good. 
We put 2 investigators on date this week. Jorge for the 31st and Delfina for the 21 of June. They are both so good. Jorge is a little miracle, he just came up to the Hermanas last transfer saying that he wants to be baptized. He´s reading in the Book of Mormon everyday and we see him at least every other day. He takes everything in like a sponge. He´s one of those people that was just truly prepared to receive the gospel. It´s so great. Delfina is also wonderful. A very humble woman that is willing to follow the Lord. We also met with a man that the hermanas have been teaching for a while. He was getting ready to be baptized but in the end said he wasn´t ready to keep certain commandments so they started over teaching him everything. And he´s kind of disappeared for a while and just called us out of the blue this week. He has a lot of problems. After we met with him, Hna Scattolon were talking about how we know the gospel is helping him. Slowly but surely. And I realized, that´s kind of the point of missionary work. I know we are called to find, teach and baptize. But its also about leaving people better than what you found them. Its been a good first week and I´m so excited to be here. 
Hna Palomino

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  1. Well said!!! She is turning out to be quite the individual!!! It was great getting to know her in Cuenca! I really like the part about "[Missionary work] is also about leaving people better than what you found them." You guys are a great family.