Monday, June 2, 2014


Hey Family! 
So this weekend we had Jorge´s baptism. What a great experience. There are no words to describe the Spirit felt at a baptismal service, when someone is making their first covenant with the Lord and starting the road to endure to the end. It was such a great baptism. Jorge was just so prepared. We finished teaching Lesson 5 this week with him and got to teach him about the temple and the priesthood and he said his goal wasn´t to get baptized, his goal was to be with his Savior someday. He´s so wonderful. And he is dying to start helping us with lessons so we are going to put him to work with us this week! 
We had one of our investigators, Delfina bring her daughter and grand daughter to church yesterday. We are trying to teach the whole family but we can´t always get them all together. Delfina has a baptismal date for June 21 and her family is kind of having a lot of problems right now but her daughter said that she is ready to make changes in her life and she bore her testimony in Principios del Evangelio saying that she wanted to get closer to God. Seeing so many problems like that just makes me so grateful to have the gospel in my life and so grateful for the chance to share it with people and invite them to come unto Christ. I know that this family needs the gospel. So many problems could be fixed with the help of the Lord through prayer, scriptures and making and keeping covenants. I just hope I am doing my best to help people with that. The beauty of diligence. There´s always room for improvement and I´m striving to do the best I can. 
It made me so happy to see that Hna Olsen came to visit Saratoga Springs! haha she always said she would do it and I didn´t think she actually would. She was a great companion. I´m glad you guys got to meet her! She was a great missionary and a wonderful example to me. I just keep looking at that picture she sent me and i can´t believe it haha oh what a great suprise. 
Hna Palomino

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