Monday, June 16, 2014


Hey family!
Leganes is such a busy area! But I love it. This week we put our recent convert to work with us, Jorge came and helped us out in a couple of lessons. It was so great, he´s on fire! And he´s just so eager to share the gospel with people. We are loving it. We still have a lot of people with a lot of problems and we´re just trying our best to be the best missionaries they need and help them with the gospel. We had a lot of people in church yesterday and we are so happy about that. Because its just so important for them to go and feel the spirit during sacrament. It makes a huge difference when they are actually keeping their commitments. The problem we have now is that we have people progressing but still not at a place where they can be baptized. Like for example, people that need to get married to keep the law of chastity. Thats the most common one. But I know that miracles can happen. I saw it in B1. So we are praying and hoping for that.
Cool experience, Hna Scattolon and I were in a lesson and an investigator asked us a crazy random question but we were able to answer it because we had just studied it earlier for comp study. I love when that happens. When you have an effective study its like putting it into a little treasure chest of doctrinal knowledge that the Spirit can pull out and use when you need it. I love how that works. 
Anyways I hope all is well back home. I love you all! 
Hermana Palomino

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