Monday, June 16, 2014


Hey Family!
Another great week in Leganes. Doing our best to keep up with all the good people we have been blessed with to teach. Also a lot of little miracles along the way. Last week we had a rough Pday, at least I did. I lost my flashdrive with all my mission pictures! Its a good thing I had backed it up on another flashdrive I had but still I lost everything from February until now. I was so mad!. And some of the other hermanas had some rough news from home too. So we gathered together when we came home and the 4 of us knelt in prayer to ask for the strength we needed for the week and I think it was just what we all needed. At least I can speak for me and my companion, we saw little miracles all week. Notable ones include that we had a lesson with a woman we´ve been teaching all transfer and we were thinking about dropping her for a while. Not only is she not progressing but her level of understanding is super low and we´re worried she just doesn´t get it because she´s always distracted and doesn´t pay a lot of attention during the lessons. Well we start talking about baptism and the authority that was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith and she out of nowhere says that from what little she has read of the Book of Mormon, she knows that its true because she´s received an answer and she knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet. My companion and I just honestly had our mouths drop. She said she couldn´t attend church this week but that she wanted to come next week. And wanted us to look up the information for the bus and everything. We were just shocked. And gave a prayer of thanks in the elevator on the way out. Thats basically how the week went. Good, small miracles and feeling nothing but grateful for it. We also met this guy that we had contacted about 2 weeks ago that was a little so so about giving us his number. He told us that right after we had contacted him, his ex bascially disappeared and left him with their two kids. super messed up. But he was thinking maybe he needed to turn to God for help and he wants us to meet his family, his mom and kids and share our message with them. So that was pretty cool. I´m teaching someone that speaks French again. Haha this guy from Cameroon. He´s learning spanish but its not that good. So my companion and I have been using the pamphlets to teach and we´ve learned some words that we use to teach in French. Nothing crazy but it helps. Haha and thats how things are going! Just a lot of good stuff. I´m working, I´m happy. :)
Hna Palomino

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