Monday, June 23, 2014


Hey Family!
First off, I´m just so happy to be staying in Leganes another transfer! Hna Scattolon gets another six weeks with me,she´s so lucky. :) hahaha. There´s a lot of good things happening here. For one, we have Delfina´s baptism this week. And she is so excited! She´s been bringing her daughter and grand daughter to church every week for about a month now. And she´s plowing through the Book of Mormon, almost done and she loves it! Just a thought but I love that we have to teach Lesson 5 now before baptism because I feel like its more special. And that way they know everything they are getting into. We have had incredibly spiritual and powerful lessons teaching parts of lesson 5. Especially when we talk about the temple. It just feels so different when you explain before baptism because then they understand that that is the goal. To endure, perserver, to progress. I love it. My companion and I have also been having really good experiences just trying to really focus in on people´s specific needs. For example, we have one investigator that we decided we needed to start our lessons with a small reading in the Book of Mormon to introduce the lesson. For example, read a few verses in 2 Nephi 2 to intro the Plan of Salvation and it helps. We read some verses, and left the rest for her to read. That way next time we can go over what she read, see if she has questions and start a new lesson. So she´s reading and understanding the doctrine in the lessons. We are just really excited for this transfer. There is power in the Book of Mormon. There is power when we follow the guidelines in Preach My Gospel and there is power when we serve with love. Es verdad.
Hna Palomino

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