Monday, July 28, 2014


Hey Family!
This week was great! We had Delfina´s baptism on Saturday. It was so wonderful. She came super early because she said she so excited. And before hand, the bishop helped us clean and fill the font. I really don´t think that baptism would have gone so smoothly without the wonderful Obispo Daniel´s help to be honest! The only bad thing was that my companion and I missed when Delfina went up to bear her testimoney because we were busy trying to set up the table for the food she had brought for after. And we missed it! No one told us she had finished changing, we were so sad! But it was a wonderful service. Now that we have a total of 8 missionaries here in Leganes, we were able to pull off a decent musical number. So yes, it was great. Its nice having another companionship here because the ward is getting excited and saying things like, ¨oh that means the work is going good!¨ so hopefully that excites them to help out. 
Cool experience of the week: One of our investigators when we were sitting down to start a lesson says, I have a friend that is going through a really hard time and I think she needs a message today more than I do, can I take you to her house? And we were like of course! So we went to her friend´s house, without knowing a thing about her or her problems and simply shared a message with her and she was like thank you so much. And our investigator says, When they talk to me I feel happy and different and I just wanted you to feel the same thing. It was so cute. So we got her number and hopefully got a new investigator out of it. Finding when we teach, teaching when we find. I love being a missionary.
Things are going good here. Also trying to keep pushing forward and enjoy every minute I have left. 
Hna Palomino

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