Monday, July 28, 2014


What a week. First off, Scattolon and I had to go to the leadership council meeting in the mission home with President and Sister Jackson. The spirit felt there was incredible and I could really feel the love of President and the Lord for us missionaries. Our zone leaders did so well at trying to portray that same spirit in zone meeting. It was nerve wracking having to speak in zone meeting but the elders were so nice and supportive about it and I think Hna Scattolon and I did alright. We had to speak on teaching in the Savior´s way using the Spirit and love. And of course going to the temple prior to zone meeting definitely helped invite such a great Spirit. But like most missionary weeks, it had its highs and its lows. Its one of those weeks when you are trying to do your best and not seeing very many results. We´ve tried inviting with power and authority only to get denied and rejected. We have one investigator that flat out told us a piece of paper that says you´re legally married is not important and chooses not to keep the Law of Chastity. Another that says she would rather sleep in on Sundays that have to get all ready for Church. One man that won´t come to church until he receives an answer about the Book of Mormon. And another that is a leader in an evangelist church and despite having a testimony of the Book of the Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith won´t commit to a baptismal date because he thinks it would look bad to the people in his church. Thats been our week in a nutshell. A few tears were shed I will admit but overall I feel like we are sincerely trying our hardest to do our part. Although the results were not the best, I feel at peace because I know my companion and I are doing our best. I feel like before I would´ve been extremely frustrated and disanimada but I have faith that if we continue doing our best, things will work out. Its all about faith and trusting the Lord. So despite the challenges, we are looking up. Throwing our head back and enjoying the rain. So things are good here. I truly love this gospel and getting to preach it day in and day out is nothing short of a blessing. So I´m thankful for all the days, good and bad. I love you guys! 
Hna Palomino

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