Monday, March 25, 2013

(Email Jenn sent her parents this week that she forwarded to me.)

3/25/13 --
"i´m in my first area! alcala de henares! i love it so much. we have a lot of investigators and one i got to invite to be baptized! isn´t that awesome?! i hit the ground running here. i had to leave the mtc on tuesday, i cried having to say goodbye to everyone. i really did love them especially president and sister sitterud, they loved me because i was their translator! pres. sitterud said on the last day, we all had to learn a different language here: english, spanish, the language of the spirit and then the language of hermana palomino. hahaha i speak spanglish. it was great though. whoever said i wouldn´t like the mtc, clearly did not go to the madrid mtc, i felt like i was leaving home again. 

anyways, on my first night in my first area, i had to go give a lesson and its been work, work, work ever since. but i love every second of it. i run into SO MANY COLOMBIANS. they love me. everyone is so curious about my accent because i speak so funny. when i say my parents are colombian and ecuadorian they are just like ooooooohhh that makes sense. its funny. 

my first companion out in the field is hermana wright. and i love her. she is so good to me. and she´s a great trainer. i got really lucky out here. she is the sweetest girl ever. she´s from utah. she goes home in july and she speaks better spanish than i do, i swear. haha but i love her. we make a really good team. 

i went to my ward on sunday and it was so great! one of my favorite teachers from the mtc, hermano arlan is in my ward. guess who had to give their first talk already? not a testimony but a talk! and yes, i did awesome. i think. haha

on saturday i had a really hard experience. we met with an investigator named vicente and he´s this young guy from new guniea and he´s awesome. we were trying to teach about the resturation but he could not get past the fact that god would remove priesthood authority from the earth after the death of christ and his apostles. he didn´t see the point for modren prophets so we tried really hard to explain it to him. at one point he said, ¨i respect that you girls are out on the streets talking to people about god and joseph smith and believe in thomas s monson but wouldn´t it be easier to just say that he´s a man of god and not a prophet?¨ I WAS SO MAD. i never have had to control myself more in my life to not yell. so i calmed down and i just said ï´m not here to sell anything, i´m here because i want to be. its a saturday night and i could easily be home in utah and probably out with my friends right now, but i´m not. i´m here because i know that joseph smith really was a prophet of god. and i´m here to share that. but don´t take my word for it, you can ask god yourself¨ and then i invited him to pray. it was so hard though. at the end it was a good lesson and i´m glad i kept my calm. i´m really learning so much out here. 

i love you guys so much and i love hearing from you. i pray for everyone every night. i hope everything is going wonderful back home!"

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