Monday, March 18, 2013

(This is an email she sent to me, Amelia. Lest there be confusion.)

3/14/13 --
"If it makes you feel any better i´m emailing you first out of anyone else. hahaha sooooo idk if you heard but i'm in madrid. the shift button is hard to find. this keyboard is weird. also i´m being timed. cool. anyways. yes i´m in spain. seriously 2 days in provo and then they shipped me off to spain. the mtc here is soooo different. i went from 3000 missionaries and 19 buildings to 24 missionaries and 3 floors. haha its really chill though. i really feel like the lord is trying to teach me patience hardcore. my companion is a bit.... different. we just dont vibe and it bums me out because we need to be in tune with each other to teach our mock investigators. yeah, 2 mock investigators. also the first day i got here, we went to a park called el retiro where we had to practice proselyting. as in, we had to be legit missionaries. me and my companion for the day placed 4 books of mormon, got 4 references and contacted or talked to 15 people. it was awesome. everyone loves me because i speak spanish and english. only 1 other elder does from my district. also the natives aren´t really natives, they're from south american countries that just moved to spain and have lived here for years. i mostly hang out with the english speaking sisters at meals and in between classes. i love everyone here though. there´s an italian elder learning spanish. they make him do a mario impression. so funny. dude thats totes cray cray <i miss people understanding slang. omg for realz. lolz>
i feel the spirit like crazy here and i´m learning alot! i don´t feel homesick but i look at pictures everynight before i go to bed to think of you all and laugh to myself. tell everyone i love them a whole bunch. and i´ll write more when i´m out in the field. which is..... after tuesday. crazy right?? anyways i love you hippie grandma! be good. i mean it."

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