Thursday, November 7, 2013


Hey Family! 
Well like I said last week we are trying to clean house over here in B1. Hna Olsen and I decided that street contacting is not really our strong suit so that we would try different ways of finding. For example, through the members! Because thats actually the way it should be, but no one seems to have gotten the memo over here. So this week we did try contacting but also visiting members to build that trust so they would trust with references and stuff and it´s slowly but surely working. We actually had a really good lesson with David about la obra misional and he´s just awesome. He´s basically been sharing the gospel while he was still just investigating. He´s all excited to share it with his friends and family. He even brought his aunt to church yesterday and we got her number and should be meeting with her some time this week. It was awesome! So we might not be contacting machines or anything over here but we are trying our best for references. 
Other cool things that happened this week. The best thing, I FOUND A PLACE THAT SELLS RANCH. The elders took us after district meeting so to celebrate we went and had pizza with our ranch. That was probably a bigger highlight of my week than it should be..........Oh a family invited us over for a comida on Halloween and it was awesome, they gave us candy :) On Friday we had a dia de las naciones. Basically just another party in which everyone brought food from their country and it was pretty cool. Hna Olsen actually made sloppy joes for the American table and I made banana bread. And then all the elders and us did a skit entitled ¨Querido Juan¨ which is basically exactly what you think it is. We did a musical number about a missionary that gets dear johned because our ward mission leader thought it would be hilarious. I´ll see if I can send you guys a video. Haha it was pretty funny. OH something awesome that happened. So my good friend Hna Seastrand is actually serving in Alcala right now. She was in a trio but then President made her train a visa waiter who is going to some Utah mission at the end of the transfer. So she´s basically building another area for the hermanas. And she was asking me what people I had taught when I was there that the other hermanas weren´t teaching anymore. So I gave her some names and last night she told me that they found the Dominican family that I loved that totally disappeared after my first transfer. They are back in Alcala and now the hermanas are teaching them again! Its so cool. They asked for me and Hna Wright so that was pretty cool. Also I´m emailing you right now from a little pueblo outside of Madrid called Aranjuez we decided to visit for Pday. Its super pretty here but super cold. I´ll send pictures! 
Mom, I forgot my coat size. I´ll send it next week with Rutillo and Lorena´s address. I´m giong to Alcala next pday to visit them. Dad, I´m so sorry the red sox won the world series. That makes me very sad. I´m so sorry about Hno Reyes but he´s in a better place now. What a blessing to know about the plan of salvation and know that he can be with his family again. Just one of the reasons this gospel is so great. But still I will keep them in my prayers. 
Well its getting colder and this little missionary is about to hit her 8 months. So crazy. I miss you guys a lot but I´m loving my time here. Really. I´m so lucky to be doing what I´m doing. The blessings are all over the place :) I love sharing the gospel with anyone that will listen. Its changing my life. I hope everyone has a good week. 
Hna Palomino

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