Monday, May 20, 2013

5/20 --

So I have the best news this week, Jose got baptized! And so did another girl we have been teaching, Jazmin! We had 3 baptisms in one day. One of them was Joanna that the elders have been teaching. It was really cool. I don´t even have the words to describe it. I seriously almost cried watching Jose finally get baptized. Although I didn´t find him myself, He was one of the first investigators that I really invested my heart into. All the hard work and the hours of sleep I have lost over my favorite Cuban, I can´t even explain. It was all such a beautiful experience. The same with Jazmin, she´s an 18 year old girl from Peru with a menos activo dad and her mom is basically an eternal investigator. Her and her mom have been getting taught by the elders for years and years. And finally they passed them over to the sisters. When I first got here she had stopped progressing but out of the blue she called us and said she wanted to get baptized so we taught her for a couple of weeks and she got baptized. It was super cool. 
I can´t even describe how I feel. I´ve said that like ten times but its true. This is the Lord´s work and its such a blessing to be a part of it. I love this gospel and I love teaching people about it everyday. Seriously, being a missionary is the greatest thing of my life. I would not want to be doing anything else right now. 
Things with Hermana Soto are ok. Being in a trio is really different. And its a little hard sometimes because she has her Provo mission ideas and we just do things really different out here in Madrid. Every mission is different and Utah vs Europe is a SUPER HUGE difference. But we´re getting there. Hna Judy and I are just trying to show her that the Spain Madrid mission is the best mission in the world obviously and its nothing short of a blessing to be here. :) But yeah she´s awesome. Her portugese has been a super big blessing. Carlos has actually accepted an invitation to be baptized for June 1st. All thanks to Hna Soto finally being able to communicate with him and help translate for us. Haha oh oh oh Mike is going to get baptized on the 8th. We´ve set that goal with him for him to finish the Book of Mormon by then. He knows the Church is true, he just wants to read the Book of Mormon first. Vale vale vale. Haha our Mexican family is doing great. The ward just loves on them and its awesome. Things are going really good. 
I love you guys! I love hearing that things are great at home! I can´t pick a favorite scripture! Thats hard. I´ll get back to you on that for next week. I promise. Well I love you guys and I hope you have a great week! La iglesia es verdadera! No seriously, it is. 

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