Monday, May 20, 2013

Picture Monday is the BEST Monday.

Jenn said this to me (Amelia) " this is just for you. i made italian quesadillas for me and hna judy last week! it was super good! you´d be so proud :)"

Jenn's wall in her piso.

look i´m the lion! I´m actually going to frame this picture and leave it in my apartment when I get transfered out haha

elder lloyd and jose!

Hna Judy, Hna Soto, Jose, Me and Elder Lloyd

 Me, Hna Judy, Jazmin and Hna Soto

Everyone at the baptism!

 Me, Hna Soto, Hna Judy, Jose, Joanna, Jazmin, Elder Bagley and Elder Lloyd

Puerta de Alcala in Madrid (there´s a puerta de madrid in alcala... i don´t understand Spain dude) with Hna Judy, Hna Norton, Hna Seastrand, Hna Blodgett, Hna Wright, Hna Cassinat, Hna ME and Hna Frandsen. 

 From last transfer when we went to the temple. I just really like this picture. One of the hermanas sent it to me this week. 

And another one I got sent from when we went to Toledo. My favorite hermanas. oops. don´t tell. :) 

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