Monday, June 3, 2013


Hey family! 
New York sounds like a blast. I´m really jealous. But then I remember that I live in Spain... and the jealousy fades away. Just kidding. That was mean. I hope you guys have a great time! I wish I could be there but you know how it is. Gotta do the Lord´s work!
Ok so this email has to be short and sweet because we have to go to the mission home today for some huge mission pday activity and we are late and the elders are telling me to hurry up but thats ok. Short and sweet.
We are still in a trio here in Alcala. This will be the last week because transfers are next Monday. I think that Hna Judy will stay and Soto and I will go somewhere else. THere are 10 new hermanas coming in and only like 6 elders. Sister missionaries for the win! Please cross your fingers that I won´t train. I´m starting to get nervous. I can´t train a newbie. But anyways. 
This week was a lot better than last week. I´ll share a super cool story. So last week was really rough on us but we decided to change our attitudes and not let the little things get us down. So really, we punched this week in the face. Spiritually speaking of course. We met with this Nigerian guy this week who said he wanted to talk about the Book of Mormon and we were like vale lets do this. So we meet him and he basically just starts telling us that anything after the bible is wrong. Who is this Mormon guy, why isn´t his name in the bible. Blah blah blah. We had a very similar lesson like this the week before that ended badly so i was shocked in a good way when we totally handled it better. He said he would listen to us if we dropped the book of mormon and talked about the bible. Hna Judy and I were like nope, sorry can´t do that. Because this book is what we are all about. We both bore our testimony of the Book of Mormon and then finally I said, Victor just like I can´t convince you that its true, you can´t convince me that its not. And we ended with a prayer and left. Boom. I felt really cool. Because really all I can do is testify. I´m not here to convince, I´m here to testify and teach with the Spirit. 
Anyways, I´m sorry but I have to go. I will send you pictures of my adorable face next week. Be safe! Have fun! I love you guys and pray for you alllll the time. So be good. Especially you Mom. Especially you. Haha Love you guys. :)

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