Monday, June 10, 2013

6/10/13 --

Hey Family.
Bad news first. I got transfered out of Alcala. My time in the beautiful city where that dude that wrote Don Quixote was born... is done. I´m super sad about it. But good news... I´m opening an area. My new companion is not so new. Hna Soto and I are opening Barrio 4 for hermanas here in Madrid. So I´m in the city finally and fresh out of training I get to open an area. It could be worse. I could be training. Haha just kidding. My new area is HUGE. I honestly have no idea where I am. This is going to be very interesting. But yeah, there hasn´t been hermanas in this area for years so the members are super excited. So thats good. Hna Soto and I are living in a new piso. And yeah, its fun stuff. 
We got to go to the temple this week. Which was awesome. I seriously am so lucky to be in a mission where we can go to the temple every transfer. Seriously the temple is awesome. Can we just take a second to recognize how awesome it is.... thank you. I love the temple. Especially the Madrid temple. That was the highlight of the week. It always is. Also Mom, I met a missionary that said her mom knows you? I can´t remember her name, they are from Ecuador too. I took a picture with her so you can show her mom. haha 
I´m trying to remember all the things that happened this week but honestly all I can think about was having to say goodbye to everyone yesterday. I had to say goodbye to all my favorite members that have taken me in and it was super hard. But even harder than that was saying goodbye to my investigators. Mike wanted to say goodbye so we met with him. Instead of us teaching him, he basically just gave me a ton of animo. He said it was hard to say goodbye. First hna wright leaves and now me and we were his first missionaries but he is excited to stay with Hna Judy. He´s still reading the book of mormon, plowing through helaman now. Mike also said just to trust the Lord because even though my work in Alcala is done, I have a lot more to do here in Madrid. We also talked about love and how the world has twisted the definition. He said love is God sending Christ to redeem us and love is sharing in the Spirit with people and learning together. He also said love is my parents sending me to a foreign country to preach the gospel. I thought yo uwould like that one Mom. :) It was a good little meeting. I cried bearing my testimony at the end because I´m a big baby. 
But the worst worst goodbye was with Rutillo and Lorena. They fed us my favorite food of theirs and then I said I wanted to leave them with a parting scripture. It was a little poetic for me, my first lesson in Alcala was with them and so was my last. I shared Eter 12:4 and talked about faith and invited them to keep cultivating their faith. It was a big I love you guys basically. I cried a lot more at that one but its ok because they cried too so it wasn´t weird. They seriously are like family to me. Its weird to think how close you get to people in such a short amount of time. But thats mission life I guess. 
I´m glad you guys had a great time in New York. I´m a little jealous about the food. Thanks for that dad. haha DAD HOW WAS MAN OF STEEL DID YOU WATCH IT YET? I´m sorry about the Yankees, I´ll keep them in my prayers. And YES. We are going to Orlando after I´m done. Harry Potter World. :) I love you guys. I kept thinking in the temple this week how lucky I am to have such a great family that loves me even though I´m so weird. Thanks for loving me you guys. Thanks for everything you do. I wouldn´t be who I am without any of you. have a great week and be good. :)

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