Monday, March 10, 2014


Hey Family!
We had a good week in Cuenca. Like always. I really do love this branch and this area so much. There is so much potential and so many good things waiting to happen. And I love working with Hermana Clay. She is a great companion and a hard worker. This week we had an interesting experience. We had a first lesson with someone that we had met on the street. We got to her house for the appointment and there was a lady that was a practicing Jevohah´s Witness that had randomly stopped in before us. When the lady that was visiting realized we were Mormon, she got all huffed and kind of confrontational with us. We tried calmly explaining that we were simply there to share a message and not fight or argue but she was getting geared up for seemed like a round of bible bashing when all of a sudden the investigator said no. She politely asks the lady to leave and she says to us that we handled that very well because to her it didn´t seem like God´s message should be shared under contention and she didn´t like the lady´s intentions of fighting with us. So we had our lesson and everything went well. To me, it was just a testimony builder that this message we share, God´s message is of peace and happiness, not contention like she said. The lady was impressed by how we handled it because we really are not here to fight, nor convince. We are here simply to testify of what we know. It was a great experience.
What else. Elvis likes to bail on our lessons, punk. Marcel went to France for a few weeks for his nephew´s funeral but he says he will come back and get baptized. His fecha is still good for April, so we´re just praying that everything goes well. The branch loves me. I have to speak on Sunday.. again. Haha Presidente Vaquera said he wants us to baptize for his birthday, so obviously we promised him we would get on that. Haha I love this branch. 
Hna Palomino

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