Monday, March 17, 2014


Hey family! 
Another great week in Cuenca! We have another investigator on fecha. Elvis, the man that has gotten baptized already but never got confirmed. Well he has another date for April 13th so hopefully everything works out. He came to church yesterday. The week could´ve gone better. We had a lot of things scheduled and set up but I guess I found the downside of working with a small branch full of part member families. Everyone is essentially related in some way or another, out of our teaching pool. So we try and schedule lessons to get people a little more one on one to focus on their needs but instead they buddy up on lessons and come to someone else´s lesson because they think its the same thing. Its a little difficult because it just kind of messes up the plans we have to focus on people. But it also makes room for working with the Spirit. There´s a pro and con to everything I guess. 
Yesterday I realized just how important it is to work in strengthening the branch is. The Relief Society teacher didn´t show up so the president just looks at me and clay, hermanas will you teach? Sure. Sunday school, Gospel Principles teacher doesn´t show up. Hermanas, will you teach? Got it. Sacrament, my second time giving a talk in a month. And guess who´s playing the piano, Clay. Guess who has to lead? Palomino. Guess who can´t sing or lead? Yes, thats not a gift of the spirit sadly. Haha it was a crazy Sunday but honestly I loved it. Cuenca is such a good little place. Honestly its grown on me and I love it here. Its been a good month. Hna Clay and I are trying to work our hardest and see more and more miracles happening. 
Well I love you guys and hope that everything is going good! 
Hna Palomino

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