Monday, March 24, 2014


This week was alright. It was one of those weeks where everything you have planned kind of fails, and then so does your plan b, and even plan c so you have to improvise - using the Spirit of course. So it leaves room for miracles. We have had a lot of random chances to serve people. For example, helping push a broken down car into a parking spot for someone. We also knocked a lot of doors this week and thats always an interesting experience to say the least. The thing that amazes me about Cuenca is that honestly a good chunk of our investigators come from part member families. We visited an MA this week in one of the pueblos outside of Cuenca and we´ve started teaching her 10 year daughter. Her oldest son is baptized, he´s 18 but doesn´t have the priesthood and apparently he just got back from a vacation in Uraguay with his family that is super strong in the church over there and they asked him if he could pass the sacrament and he felt so bad that he couldn´t. So he´s now working on getting his license so he can drive his mom and sisters to church on Sundays. We visited a man and his wife that we found on the branch member list. He got baptized when he was about 20 or so back in Bolivia and his wife is not a member and wants us to teach them. So we are very excited. Hna Clay and I walked out and talked about how we both pictured them in white, with him baptizing her. And I think thats the key. Not to see people as they are but to see them as they can become. Thats the beauty of the Attonement. We can become amazing, incredible people through the gospel of Jesus Christ. If there is one thing I have learned out here its that. 
Hna Palomino

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