Thursday, August 15, 2013


Hey Family! 
So good news first. Andres is getting baptized next Saturday. He had a super fuerte experience in EFY and he´s stoked and ready to go! This kid is just super prepared and awesome. I´m really excited for him. He invited some of his friends to church yesterday to warm them up to the idea of coming to his baptism. He´s already being a little missionary. Its awesome. Things are awesome.
We´re on the search for new investigators though! Because a lot of people have disappeared since I got here and plus its super hot and we need more lessons! Haha We met some pretty cool people though. Torrejon has a lot of potential. DId you know the first ward in Spain was Torrejon? Just a little bit of SPain Church History para que sepa. Anyways, I got to teach a Nigerian in English by myself yesterday since my comp doesn´t speak any English. A little scary, a little fun. The thing with most Nigerians though is that they love to talk to us to hear the word of God but the second we talk about the Book of Mormon, they get all defensive. Becuase the Bible is the only word of God. Blah blah blah. Its like, dude just chill and pray about it. Seriously its so easy pero no pasa nada. Some of them actually are super nice and open to learning more about the Book of Mormon. You just have to get lucky and find those. Haha speaking of which. Mike in Alcala is getting baptized on Sunday and so is Carlos! He came back like 2 or 3 weeks ago and they´re both getting baptized this week. I might be able to go as long as I get an investigator to come with. So cross your fingers! 
Anyways, yeah working hard as always. OH. There´s these members here that always make missionaries cook for them. LIke they buy all the ingridents and everything and we do it at their house we just have to be the ones to make it. So it was my turn and since I can´t legit cook anything I made banana bread. and they said it was good and all but I owe them a real meal....... so MOM HELP. Send me a recipe of something! I need to win their love with food! Haha well i miss and love you guys as always. 5 months down and a few more to go. It´ll go by quick and then you´ll wish I was gone longer. hahaha mom next time you miss me, just remember how I never cleaned my room or did dishes and slept in all the time. hahaha that should help you not miss me too much :) I hope you guys have a good week. Have fun with Will and the family this week :) 
Hna Palomino

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