Monday, July 29, 2013


Hey Family!
I never email anyone back. I hate emailing. Haha I´m sorry but its the truth. Its just really stressful so if anyone says to you, I emailed Hna Palomino and she didn´t email back... just apologize for me. Plus I´m on the Lord´s time. When Paul was a missionary, no one emailed him. I´m not sure what that has to do with anything but I´m trying to make a point. Haha just tell people not to get offended if I take a million years to email. You´re my main priority when it comes to email and everyone else just kind of comes second. I should also apologize for not taking pictures. I never have my camera with me but I promise I´ll try to take more pictures. I´m just busy bringing souls to Christ, OK! :) 
Ok since I´m sure you´re super concerned about the accident, it was no where near me. The train was headed to Galicia which is the North of Spain. Still the Madrid mission but I consider it like the exile of the Madrid mission because when you get sent to the north, you go for a freaking long time and you never get to see anyone. Whereas in Madrid you can still see people from time to time. I have harsh feelings towards the North, I´d rather get sent to the Canaries... but anyways. Haha this new elder was getting sent to an area called El Ferrol or something like that and was invovled in the accident. He´s out of the hospital though and I believe he´s in the MTC in Madrid while he recovers and all that. Super crazy. The whole mission was praying him. Poor little guy. 
So Torrejon is awesome. Its a lot like Alcala just... a lot bigger. Haha I love it though. The ward is so great! I love my companion, Hna Vouemba. She´s great and a super good missionary, I´m learning a lot from her. She´s really hard on herself sometimes and it bums me out because she doesn´t see how great she is. But everyone struggles with that I think. I´m just trying my best to be a nice and little helpful companion. Oh, Mom what part of Guayquil are you from? There´s a ton of people in the ward from Guayquil and they keep asking and I have no idea... oops. The work is kind of slow right now because well... Spain is weird. The whole country takes like July and August off for vacation. Granted it makes sense because its hotter than sin out here and there´s no beach in Madrid but still. We´re trying our best but I´d be lying if I said I wasn´t praying for cold weather for more than a few reasons. Haha but other than that, things are great. How are you guys? How was Pioneer day? I really missed you guys on Pioneer day. Not that we ever did anything super special but I was just missing Utah and home. Normal stuff. Well I love you guys and hope everything is going super good! Be good and all that jazz, tell everyone that I love them. 
Hna Palomino 

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