Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey Family :)
Mom, stop making me cry. Thank you for the uplifting words. Definitely needed them :) Dad, you too. You guys are great. I did get the shoes from Grandma, THEY ARE THE BEST. Sandals. I needed them. ITS SO HOT HERE. And we don´t have AC in our piso or the church... but lets not dwell on that. Tell her thanks! Oh I got an email from Grandpa FINALLY! I answered right back. Hopefully he gets it. Dad, there is no guy from Mozambique I have no idea what you´re talking about... Haha sorry! 
This week was AWESOME! We had a zone meeting and it was like a huge answer to my prayers. We talked a lot about how we have to work in faith in order to see miracles in the work. And how love needs to be the motivator. I loved it. After zone meeting, I had to do an intercambio with Hna Judy since she´s the sister trainer leader for our zone. So I got to go to Alcala and be her companion again. Only for a day though but it was great. The Lord blessed me because I did not see anyone I used to teach and it wasn´t hard to leave again. I had forgotten how much I loved teaching with Hna Judy, she´s a spiritual powerhouse and we always taught with awesome unity. I came back super motivated and Hna soto was super pumped too and not even kidding, we saw miracles all week. In 2 days we got 5 new investigators it was awesome! Finally! People to teach! We even had our first investigator that attended sacrament meeting. Her name is Ajumi (I´m definitely spelling that wrong), she is 16 and from peru. She´s awesome and we teach her dad too. Hoping to get her mom to listen and then boom, a whole family to teach and baptize :) Its been a good week. 
I love being a missionary. Do I say that enough? Because I do love it. I love you guys. I sent Dad his letter last week hopefully he gets it. And then I was feeling super motivated and I wrote everyone in the family letters. Haha I just love you and miss you guys! How is packing and stuff going? I hope you guys have a super American 4th of July. THINK OF ME AND HOW MUCH I MISS AMERICA. Eat a burger for me :) I´ll just wear my American flag as a skirt all day and be like yeah, take that Spain! I love you guys. Be good, be safe, choose the right and all that jazz. 
Hna Palomino

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