Monday, April 8, 2013


oh man did i miss you guys during conference! we watched the saturday mornng session at 6pm our time saturday night. we had our investigator jose (who gets baptized on the 27th) come and watch with us. also the dominican family we´re teaching that i love, lenin and sulai with their 4 month old baby girl and get this.. the family we are teaching invited 2 of their friends to come and they loved it and we are going to be teaching them this week! so many miracles happened on saturday i can´t even explain. conference is just the best. i heard carolina´s dad translating! i got so excited! oh the sisters in my apartment all went crazy and made tons of sweets. we had cinnamon rolls and my companion made trifle. which was basically diabetes in a bowl. it was so good though. and we all ate with our investigators after the session. it was a great day. 
on sunday, we went to the stake center in pavones, which is where the temple is. we went at like 10am to take our nigerian investigator, mike to priesthood session... so i watched priesthood session. haha that was a different experience. no one kicked me and hna wright out so we stayed and watched it the whole thing with him. haha after that mike was going to leave but he decided to stay with us and watch the saturday afternoon session that we watched at 2:00pm on sunday and then he liked that so much that he stayed and watched the sunday morning session at 6 to 8. we don´t get to watch the sunday afternoon, i´ll have to wait for the ensign for that one. but it was so great! he stayed with us all day! he said it was a great experience and that we have a lot to talk about this week when we meet. we also gave him a temple tour, where we go around the temple square and talk about some of the symbols and stuff that are there, oh man it was such a great experience. i love the temple. i love the few times i get to see the madrid temple, its beautiful. 
in between sessions, everyone hangs out and just catches up with all the other missionaries. my companion and i ended up giving our lunch away to all the hungry members and other missionaries. i saw a lot of the teachers from the mtc, it was really the best day ever. it was just a great week, we used conference to testify about prophets and how blessed we are to have modern prophets. i love the gospel and conference and the temple and just everything! ahhh i love it. 
can i just say how much i love my companion hna wright? she is seriously the best. our study time in the mornings is so great because we both get so excited and pumped for the day. this week was a little hard in the sense that a lot of our investigators bailed on us. on friday, ALL 5 OF OUR LESSONS BAILED ON US. i was so frustrated. and my angel of a companion is just so patient and loving and did not let it get her down. i need to work on that because i get really mad but i usually just find a quiet spot to pray and get back into it. i have to serve my heart out because i know this message i´m trying to share is true. like president uchtdorf said ¨with christ, darkness cannot exist¨ i have to go bring light into people´s lives, that is my calling. and i love every second of it. 
i love you guys and i´m praying day and night for you and trying to serve with all my might and all my heart so that the lord will bless you. i hope its working. :)

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