Wednesday, April 24, 2013

4/21/13 --

hey family.
i haven´t gotten ANY letters in the mail. just the first one from you guys 5 weeks ago. everyone just emails me. haha but letters would be nice. i have like no time today because i just got back from toledo and we got back late. i love spain mom and dad. its so great. its beautiful.
ummmm bad news, the investigator Jose isn´t getting baptized on the 27th anymore. word of wisdom... he doesn´t think he can stop drinking. he doesn´t even want to try. its bumming me out. we fasted and prayed so hard. i still have faith he can do it though. we are trying to set a new date and help him get there because he does want to be baptized. 
i got to go to the temple this week and i received a lot of revelation. it was super cool. the lord is taking care of me. being a missionary is the coolest thing. i´m not discouraged. faith is looking forward. 
I love you guys. I´m so sorry this is so short. I will write more next week when I have more time. I have to go to teach english now. hahaha 

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