Monday, April 29, 2013


Dear Family,
This week has been........... crazy. Last week we went to Toledo and  got back super late and only had a little bit of time. But today I´m having a relaxing pday and staying here in Alcala haha. First of all, Madrid is crazy beautiful. We went to la puerta del sol, plaza mayor, some big cathedral and then the palace. I was in love but then we went to Toledo and I loved that even more. Haha its all castely and super cool. And they sell legit swords and weapons. I almost bought a suit of armor... you know for contacting and stuff. But I figured I´ll wait till I go home so I can get off the plane in a full suit of armor. Its metal so I can put my magentic nametag on there. When you see this knight coming towards you. Oh its just Hermana Palomino. No big deal. Haha but I´ll send pictures of the places I went. 
So this week we had intercambios for one day. All six of the Hermanas that live on my piso basically just switched companions for the day. I went to Torrejon with Hna Vouemba from France and I loved it. It was nice to learn from someone new and see how they do things in another area. But it also made me realize I totally love Alcala, it already has a piece of my heart. 
So to my great relief, I´m staying here for another transfer. Hna Wright however is not. This morning I put her on a train to Alcorcon on the other side of Madrid. Basically instead of staying with my trainer for 12 weeks like normal, I´m getting another trainer. Hna Wright is going to finish training someone who´s companion just finished her mission and then they get a new one from the MTC tomorrow so they will be in a trio. I might have cried a little. Its ok. I love Hna Wright and learned so much from her. But I feel extremely overwhelmed. My new companion, Hna Judy has never trained before and she´s the new one to the area. Its going to be ok though because I already know her because she was living in the same piso just a different area and she´s awesome. The thing that has me nervous is that I´m the one that´s familiar with the area and the people. Basically the Lord is asking me to step my game up. I have to take more charge and help this Hna get acustomed to the area and the people. Thankfully she´s been here on intercambios before but still, I´m really nervous. I think I can do this though. If the Lord and President Jackson think so, then I think so too. My companion and I can do this. :) 
One of our amazing investigators, Mike the one from Nigeria met with us yesterday to say goodbye to Hna Wright and it was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. He was saying so many beautiful things about how she´s needed in her new area now and how she will be blessed because we are doing the Lord´s work. He then said that before we went to Madrid for General Conference he prayed and asked the Lord if the Church was true and he felt it during conference. Basically he´s known this whole time that the Church is true, he just wanted to know more. When he gave the closing prayer as we were leaving, he prayed for Hna Wright to continue doing good things in her new area and to continue doing the Lord´s work even after she goes home. He then asked the Lord to ¨strengthen Paloma¨ (what he calls me) and I just cried and cried. I´m turning into an even bigger baby out here. 
I love to hear that everyone is doing so good. It makes me feel so happy. I´m so jealous you are going to New York though! How are the Yankees doing? Am I allowed to ask that? Dad, go to a game for me. Keep me in your heart haha 
Oh yeah.......... Mother´s day. I´m supposed to ask you what time works best for you. Its an 8 hour time difference. So I´m 8 hours ahead of you. I don´t know how daylight savings time works out here. Europe is weird. But ok we have church until about 2 our time and that´s 6am for you. So anytime after that. You have to decide. And send me your skype info so I can see your lovely faces. Sound good? 
I love you guys! Fight the good fight and keep the faith :)

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