Wednesday, April 3, 2013

4/01/13 --
this week was semana santa. holy cow that was an experience. i got to see a procession on thursday. it was so weird. they walked through la plaza de cervantes and carry this huge jesus and virgin mary and they have like these crazy kkk hoods but in purple and they drag crosses. it was just crazy. it gave me a super weird feeling. but the next night we had an easter concert at the stake center where the temple is and it was so different. just the spirit there was so much prettier and happier. i got to see a lot of the other missionaries in madrid and teachers from the mtc. we brought this family we´re teaching and this new colombian man we started teaching this week. 
by the way, thanks dad for being colombian, THERE ARE SO MANY COLOMBIANS HERE AND THEY LOVE ME.
anyways, we got to walk around the outside of the temple after and show them and tell them why temples are important to us and it was a really neat experience. i love being a missionary and i love seeing the madrid temple. 
for easter, we had dinner with a dominican family we´re teaching and the food was so good i almost cried. I MISS MOM´S COOKING. i just miss good latin food. i mean sure the spainards food is good but i´m a latina and i needed my arroz con friojoles y una buena carne. so i had a great easter. haha
i´m so happy for this knowledge of the gospel that we have. what a blessing it is to know about the attonement and celebrate his life. not his death. we celebrate because he lives, not because he died. that was our message all day. i love having the blessings of the gospel and knowing that our family can be together forever. its awesome. 
how many families are going to the celestial kingdom? just one, because we´re all part of god´s family. (lame missionary joke, i´m sorry)
i love you all. and i miss you so much. but i wouldn´t trade this for a second. thanks for loving and supporting me. have a great week. :) 

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