Monday, April 29, 2013

Picture Monday!

my comp took this because it looks like i don't have legs? idk.

plaza major.

creepy fat spiderman who then hugged the little hna.

hna wright and en la plaza.

palace in toledo.

i'm a little in love with the streets and how they look. ok?

sister missionaries at the temple. #thuglife


more of toledo.

hna wright and i in toledo.

hna seastrand and i in toledo.

toledo was my favorite.

got amelia's package and cried when i saw the ranch. YOU'RE THE BEST.

before we found out about transfers. LOOK AT ALL THE LOVE IN OUR COMPANIONSHIP AND NOW SHE´S GONE. ok sorry. i´m just bitter. its ok. 

i love alcala though with all my heart. and the sky just looked awesome on saturday.

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