Monday, September 16, 2013


Hey Family!
Well, I´ve had quite the week. Let´s see, I met Elder Ballard, David passed his baptismal interview, my comp taught me how to make Peruvian food at Johnny and Alba´s, stake conference, and I just got back from Toledo again. Nothing special. 
Oh yeah, I met Elder Ballard as in, the apostle. yeah that happened. We got a text from the zone leaders on Thursday that totally last minute he was going to be at the stake center in Madrid on Saturday to meet with all the missionaries in the 3 zones of Madrid and the ones in the MTC. So obviously everyone books it there. It was so aweesome. He shook hands with everyone! And gave a rocking talk. I think my whole mission has changed, it was definitely a big moment. My favorite thing he said was sometimes he feels discouraged. He said I´m almost 85 and I´m still running around and I´m tired and I think why do I do this, I do it because I understand Getsamane. That really just blew me away. He told us to contemplate the attonement when we get discouraged. Because no matter what the Lord asks us to do its nothing compared to what the Savior of the world had to do for us. That really touched me. Its true I get discouraged justl ike all we do at times but really as a missionary, I don´t have the time for it. I only have a year left to show the Lord how much I love Him and what He has done for me. Thats not a long time at all when I contemplate the blessings I have. I´m taking that to heart. i have no time to be discouraged. Its the time to act and to change and to do better everyday. The Lord is telling us to hurry it up and pick up the pace in regards to His work. Are we willing to work hard and serve, step up to the challenge or sit on the sidelines? I think a lot about 3 Nephi 19:25 when the nephites are praying to the Savior and it says He smiles upon them. Thats what I want to see at the end of my time here on Earth. I want my Savior´s smiling face to welcome me to the heavenly home. So right now, I have to give Him plenty of reasons to smile. Just a thought. 
Hna Palomino

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