Monday, September 9, 2013


Hey family :)
So my new companion´s name is Hermana Bellota. She´s from Peru but she´s lived in Spain for the last 9 years. She´s from Richard and Peggy´s ward from the estaca de Valencia. Crazy small world right? She said she´s heard about me before from them so that was crazy. Yeah, training is definitely a little harder than being the jr comp but its all good. We work through it like always. 
Its been a little slow still this week because my comp is super shy and doesn´t like contacting. I´m basically teaching lessons by myself. Which is scary but its only her first week, she´ll get it. We had this cool experience with an investigator, Rafael, that was gone the whole month of August on vacation and we saw him for the first time since he left this week. We watched the Restoration DVD and he loved it. So after I´m bearing my testimony about the book of mormon and the Spirit was just really awesome and after I´m done, he just looks at me and says I want to feel the same way you do about this book and I said, you can! And he starts talking about how he´s been having a super hard time and he feels so lost and I felt prompted to share Alma 7:11-12 with him. He read it over twice and got real quiet and I said how Christ understands everything we go through and was bearing testimony about that. And he just says, Palomino you really understand me. It was a pretty cool moment. I´m really excited to be teaching him. I´ll have to let you know how that goes. David is doing good! We pushed his baptism one more week though because his dad wants to be the one to baptize and confirm him and he´s supposed to be getting the Melquisdec priesthood next week. But he´s progressing really good I love that family. Last night we also had a random family home evening with some of the recent converts of the members. We watched 17 miracles with them and had a little testimony meeting after. IT WAS SUPER EMOTIONAL. We were all crying. But it was really good. Just a good week this week :)
But yeah 6 months now. Its so crazy. I´m just really happy to be here. I feel like I´ve learned so much and my heart is just changed. I can´t even describe it. I wouldn´t change the last 6 months for anything. I love serving the Lord. I love and miss everyone back home but I´m good. I´m happy. :) Thanks for being so good to me and for all the love. 
Hna Palomino

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