Monday, September 2, 2013


Hey Family! 
Well this week marks the start of a new transfer. Transfer 5 for this little missionary :) hitting month 6 this week. I´ll be staying in Torrejon, Hna Vouemba is going to Barrio 9 in Madrid and.... I´ll be training a new missionary. I meet my companion tomorrow at 2 at the stake center in Pavones. So yeah, I´m going to train.... thats a little crazy. I feel like I just got done with my own training. I´m basically a baby missionary but I guess its time to step it up. I´m really excited though. I LOVE Torrejon. The ward is incredible. The work has been rough this transfer but thats just because the month of August is the worst but September is here and I´m ready to get moving again. We have David´s baptism planned for the 14th and hoping to get some more in the plan. 
Well this week was a good one in terms of lessons with the part member families. There´s one lady in particular that Hna Vouemba has been working really hard with to get active again, Carmen and she has been steadily coming to church for about a month now. When we visit her, her son Nefi listens to us. Nefi is 24 years old and was never baptized, he listens to the spiritual thought we leave her and comes to our English classes so now we are working on seeing if he will listen to the lessons. I mean really, someone named Nefi and not baptized? That is just not ok. Hahaha There´s another part member family, Jahira and Miguel. Jahira has been a member her whole life basically and Miguel married her knowing she was a member and he respected it. Well now he has finally been listening to the missionaries again and was going to church but all of a sudden got lazy and stopped coming. Its been hurting Jahira a lot. He could get baptized really any day he wants, he just needs to stop being lazy about it. So thats the challenge right now. I´m hoping to see some miracles here. These are really good people and I know their time will come and the Lord will make it happen. And David is doing so good and really progressing like a dream. He´s getting baptized the 14th and is super excited about it. 
Lets see, random things I wanted to tell you. Oh I picked up my residency card this week and it broke my heart a little. I´m an official resident of Spain now but this heart is American like an eagle. Hahahaha oh I think I´m funny. ok. I had to give a talk in district meeting and referenced the scene in Lion King when Simba sees Mufasa and he´s all Remember who you are. It was golden. Also I don´t know if I´ve said this or not before but I´m super good about eating anything the members give me. This week I tried gaspacho and it was disgusting. Also octopus. It was alright but the texture was super weird. I´m basically a champ when it comes to eating. 
Well I´m just super nervous to train. I hope I can be a good little trainer like Hna Wright and Judy were for me. I´ll just be obedient and try my best. :) I love you guys and hope everything is going super swell on the other side. Talk to you next week :)
Hna Palomino

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