Monday, September 30, 2013


Hey family.
Its been quite the week. It feels like it went by super fast yet super slow. We had David´s baptism on Saturday which was by far the highlight of the week. It was really special, I´m not really sure how to describe it. It was just a really good baptism. The talks were all really good, a lot of the ward members came. Watching his dad baptize him was just so sweet. The night before we were at their house trying on the clothes and just getting last minute details together and his dad asked us if we knew the baptismal prayer and Hna Bellota and I just look at each other.... umm no... we had to pull out the little white bible where they have priesthood ordiances in the back and we practiced the baptism in the living room. Hahaha it reminded me of when I was going to get baptised and Will would whip out D&C 20 and pretend to baptise me in the basement. I doubt he even remembers that but I do hahaha But anyways, it was really good. His parents got up and bore their testimonies and then he did too.. and there was not a dry eye in the chapel. I´m sorry I have a hard time describing moments like that but just trust me when I say it was really special. 
Sorry but this week is going to be kind of a short one. But just know that I really really love what I´m doing. And Torrejon is such a good ward. I love this area and the people here are great. If I have to leave soon its going to break my heart, probably more than leaving Alcala did to be honest. I love being a missionary and serving the Lord. I know this church is true. And the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Should I ever forget or deny that, someone punch me in the face and remind me, vale? I love you guys and I miss you more than I can say but its ok, its only a little bit and plus you guys keep me going every week. :) Thank you so much for everything. All the love and the support and the happy thoughts you send me my way. I appreciate it. Be good :) 
Hna Palomino 

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