Monday, February 3, 2014


Hey family,
Have I told you lately how much I just love you guys? But for real. It was definitely weird not being there for my birthday but its all good. It was still a pretty good day. We had zone meeting the day before so I got mail and Amelia´s Christmas package. Haha just in time for my birthday i guess. One of the hermanas in my zone, Hna Schone made me cookies. It was awesome. And the day of, we had pretty good lessons. For medio dia, the b5 hermanas Frost and Crandall took me out for ice cream. Which was super nice of them. And Johnny from Torrejon called me and read me what you said for my birthday on facebook. haha so thank you. 
Ok so I thought last week was good, but this week was better. Seriously, we just keep seeing more and more miracles every week. We found 5 new investigators this week. And really good ones too. One of them is this guy from Peru that is a karate and tae kwan do instructor so he´s super intense and has super good questions and its really fun to teach him. One of them is a man from Morrocco, he´s a non practicing Muslim and he´s so cool. We found a Book of Mormon in Arabic for him. Somehow Hermana Olsen figured out how to find 3 Nefi in there so we could share a scripture with him. It was so awesome. And then 2 from yesterday. A lady that comes to church with her cousin every week and wants to get baptized so we started teaching her. She´s a little shy but super nice and very receptive. And then a nice lady from Santo Domingo that did a report on Mormons for school a long time ago and wants to hear from us, really what its all about. Haha that was actually a really great lesson. She did a report on Mormons and had no idea what the book of mormon was. Toma! Haha it was a very good week. We also had our investigator Gaby FINALLY come to church. Oh man that was an emotional struggle. Haha but she made it. She could only stay for sacrament but thats ok. She´s a little miracle. She is an former investigator from like 2006 or 7. And what happened is that our elders found her while knocking doors, had no idea and passed us the reference since she´s a woman and its just hard for them to meet with her because she can only meet in the mornings and they have a hard time finding men in the morning to take with them. And we magically found her registro. The missionaires had dropped her because they just thought she was ready to progess but seriously its a different story now, she´s definitely more ready to accept it now. And she showed that by coming to church yesterday. She like cried through the whole thing. And after she told me, I really needed that today. Thank you for bringing me. I just gave her a huge hug, because I love moments like that. Freak, I love the gospel! 
And last night, we had our little fireside we were planning to get the members stoked on missionary work. We had some talks, testimonies, videos and in the end President Jackson spoke. It was all super spiritual but there was like only 6 people there. So frustrating but we are trying! I just wish I could somehow make everyone understand or just feel what I feel sharing the gospel the joy that comes with sharing it so they can just GET IT. Honestly I can´t think of a better way that i´ve strengthened my testimony than by sharing it. But I guess we have to keep trying. Keep on keeping on! 
Hermana Palomino

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