Monday, February 3, 2014


Hey Family!
So.............. you´ll never guess where I just came back from. ROGER AND MARIA´S WEDDING. YES. Thats a real thing. I spent my Pday at the registro civil and watching our investigators finally take that step and legalize the situation haha THEY´RE MARRIED! Tonight we´re going over there to officially give them a baptismal date. Although they´ve bascially decided the 14th. 2 days before the transfer ends and Olsen dies. But yeah we´ll officially work it out tonight. I am SO excited. We had one of the other hermanas that taught them before us come too since she´s just serving in Alcala. It was so good. I´ll send pictures but yeah. Its been such a good day! A miracle if I´ve ever seen one. We found out on Wednesday that they prayed about it again and decided it was time again. Hermana Olsen and I have prayed so hard for them to finally make the right decision and we are beyond happy to have finally been able to see them do it. 3 years investigating and now they took their big step towards baptism. Now we are just praying that everything will go well until that day.
Other than that, everything else is still going pretty good too. We have some pretty good investigators, that just need to start coming to church so we can get them progressing and working towards baptism. We had a hard time with getting members to our lessons and actually had to cancel a few lessons because we couldn´t find women to come with us to teach men. It was rough. In fact, we had a member just flat out not come or ¨fire¨ us for one lesson. Its been rough. But we are still trying. Its just always the same people that help us, which is great but we could use more help around the clock, if that makes sense.
But no complaints. We are just so happy to be serving in B1. I have 2 more weeks before Olsen dies. Its a little sad. She´s been my longest companion but all things come to an end. But yeah good things happening. I love you guys. I love being a missionary and I love the gospel. Good things are ahead :)
Hna Palomino

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