Monday, February 24, 2014


Hey family.
So this week will be mine and Olsen´s last together. Super sad but... we do get to have a baptism to end our time together :) Roger and Maria are getting baptized on Friday. They passed their interviews yesterday. Everything is set. Now we just need to make it to Friday. Haha but they are very excited. Its been a long time coming. We were over there last night putting the program together and they are so giddy about it all. I feel giddy for them too! And I´m so excited that Hermana Olsen will get to finish her mission with this baptism. 
We had a really great experience this week. We were talking about we don´t have too many crazy stories but...  As Hermana Olsen and I were getting on the bus on Saturday, a woman stops her and says Is that the book of mormon? Pointing to a copy that my companion had in her hand. And she just says, yeah. The lady asks her if she has more and Hermana Olsen tells her well, you can have this one! And the lady starts explaining that she has looked for the book of mormon because she´s heard a little about it but she has never actually gotten one. She said that she sees the ¨chicos¨all the time but never ¨chicas¨and she felt shy asking them for one. It was so cool. She was holding it like she had just found gold or something. So obviously, we got her reference and should be meeting with her this week. I just love good stories like that. Its a big testimony builder that yes, there are people that are out there looking for the truth and we have it! And what a blessing it is to share it. Seriously how many times have we heard that the Lord is hastening His work? It wouldn´t make sense if there weren´t so many people out there prepared and ready to hear the message of the Restoration. And I can testify to that. This gospel changes lives. Ours is not a passive faith, the Lord requires our hearts. If there´s one thing I´ve learned its that. The Lord wants your heart, your willing and obedient heart. D&C 64:34. I love my Savior and when I´m out in the pouring Madrid rain because I accidently forgot my umbrella at home, and some investigator has just failed us, or someone promised to come to church and we just sit there waiting and waiting and they never come, I remember that I´m doing this because I´m trying to give the Lord my heart and do my best. I´m not perfect but He just wants me to try. So thats what I´m doing and every crappy day, is worth it when we have those tiny victories of people passing baptismal interviews, people stopping us and asking for a Book of Mormon. Thats what its about. I´m so grateful for everything that has happened in the last 11 months. Thats cheesy, thats cliche but its true. 
Hermana Palomino

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