Monday, February 24, 2014


Hey guys,
Crazy week. So we had transfer calls on Saturday. Olsen is going home and I´m going to Cuenca.... A branch like 2 hours outside of Madrid. My new companion is Hna Clay. She´s going home in June I think? Maybe I´ll finish her off too. Haha but yeah. There´s no hermanas in B1. They just closed us. And I´m going to an area where I have to whitewash Elders out. Super weird. Well off to Cuenca I guess! I´ve heard a lot of good things and I´m excited to get to work and see some miracles! I will admit, it was very upsetting to have to leave B1. I really didn´t see it coming and I probably was a lot more upset when transfer calls came than I needed to be but that next morning before church, I started studying the book of Job in the Old Testament. Now from what little I have read, I have a feeling I´m going to love Job. He lost pretty much everything and still remained faithful. Its funny because one of the things I always admired about Hna Olsen was her faithfulness. Something I think I needed to learn from her. So although I am a little heartbroken to be leaving, I have to just trust in the Lord and know that if I stay faithful and just work hard, His divine purposes will come to pass. 
We ended our time in B1 with one of the most waited for baptisms, ever. I remember crying bitter tears when Roger and Maria backed out of their wedding and then to see them finally enter those waters of baptisms and be crying tears of pure joy was the best thing ever. It was probably the best baptism ever. We FILLED the chapel with members. That never happens. But for them, of course :)
Hna Palomino

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