Monday, February 24, 2014


First week in Cuenca! Its super pretty. Super cold. Our piso is about a half hour away from everything. And uphill, so my calves are going to be fantastic when my time here is through. Haha
So this week was mostly dedicated to cleaning the mess the trio left behind. Piso wise and the area book. We have just reorganized EVERYTHING. Do you know how disgusting an elder´s piso can be? I mean I totally believe in the power of the priesthood and respect the elders but when they are in their apartments, they are not elders, they are BOYS. And I cannot begin to tell you the horrific things we have had to clean. Lets not talk about it. But yes most of our time has gone to that. Plus the area book needed work. Basically there is a gold mine of part member families here in the branch and the area book seriously had duplicate registros for the same people. Just cleaning house. That is what this transfer is all about. We have a pretty full week coming up though, because we´ve been making calls like crazy to set up appointments with Antiguos, MA´s, Part families and just member visits to really just get to know the rama and gain their trust.
Yesterday Hermana Clay and I had to give talks in Sacrament and I think it went very well. The rama took to us very well. And we are just trying to get things rolling here. Cuenca just kind of grows on you. There was 28 people in church yesterday and that´s supposed to be a very good turn out. The branch president pulls us aside and shows us the little sacrament tray and says, look we almost ran out of sacrament cups... i want 2 of these someday (because there´s only one). Hermana Clay and I just looked at each other and said Oh Yeah! Let´s get to work! 
Hna Palomino

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